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No one wants to think about an emergency situation, but it's better to face that possibility than to be caught unprepared. Whether you are a resident or visitor, the best time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens, so we have put together a list of important phone numbers so you will have them at the ready when you need them.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Police and Fire Services:

Dial 066 from any standard landline (all home and office phones, phone booths, etc).

Dial 080 from Mexican cell phones. (Dialing 080 will NOT work from U.S., Canadian, or European cell phones).

To report suspicious activity or crime in the Lakeside area  555-3462541.

For Ambulance Services & Hospitals

Red Cross Emergency (English spoken) 065

Red Cross  Ambulance  376 765 2308

IMSS in Chapala 376 7652240

Clinica Ajijic 376 766 0500


Fire Department

Fire Department and Civil Defense 066

Fire station  376 766 3615


US Consulate 33 326 82200

Passport and citizen services 33 326 82100

Canadian consulate 33 367 14740


Credit Card Companies:

Mastercard – 01-800-366-3100

Visa – 01-800-706-6600


Other Important Phone Numbers

SVT State Traffic Police 765-4747
Chapala Police Dept 765-4444 (traffic accidents)

Civil Protection-Fire Dept 766-5252 or 766-3615 (Flooding, avalanches)

Chapala Plaza Taxi  376 765 3511

Ajijic Plaza Taxi 376 7660674