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Driving Directions to Lake Chapala Mexico:

Getting to the Lakeside area from Guadalahara airport is quite easy.  Upon exiting the airport you have to make a right turn onto Highway 23 south.  This highway takes you all the way to Chapala and Ajijic with no turns.  About 3/4 of the way to Chapala you will enter a series of S-turns.  Drive carefully through these as they are quite sharp turns and there may be pot-holes in the pavement.  As you near the Lakeside area you will see signs directing you to turn right to Ajijic.  If you are headed to Chapala just stay on the highway.

Shortly after the Ajijic turn off you will see a large supermarket called Soriana.  You may want to stop here to load up on provisions.  Carrry on straight ahead to drive down the main street of Chapala.

Watch for animals grazing along the road, slow moving vehicles, and cars passing each other.  It is not adviseable to drive at night - especially if you are new to driving in Mexico - it can be a little unsettling.

If you are coming from Guadalahara city the directions are the same - just look for signs that say Chapala/Aeroporto and these will take you right to Highway 23.