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Hotel Balneario
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 We offer 36 comfortable rooms, equipped with color TV (cable), refrigerators, fans and most with thermal water tub. And if you want to feel like at home, we have 2 rooms with private pool and kitchenette. As a guest of the Hotel enjoy our exclusive area, where we offer beautiful gardens, 2 pools and Jacuzzis, also a natural steam room (temazcal) as well as umbrellas and lounge chairs for your comfort. Our rooms and pool and Jacuzzi are fed with our hot springs. Not only enjoy our facilities, relax in one of the best weather in the world and marvel at sunrises and sunsets that are seen in Chapala Lake. 

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 Hotel & Waterpark Rates 2017

Hotel Balneario San Juan Cosala, Why enjoy just for one day the benefits of our hot springs? If you can do it for longer, staying in our family hotel, a tradition that has over 50 years. 

 *1 person- $1,500.00. pesos

 *2 people - $ 1,800.00 pesos

 *3 people-$ 2,050.00 pesos

*4 people-$ 2,300.00. pesos


 Check In time at 15:00 hrs. Check Out time 12:00 hrs.


 Entrance fee for the Water Park: Adults $ 260.00, Children (2-10 years old, or kids who are less than 1.30 meters) $130.00. For reservations please contact us by phone: Tel: (01-387) 76-103-02 and 76-102-22.

 We are at your service "Let us help Nature to treat you well!

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House Features

  • Thermal Mineral Water
  • SPA
  • 5 swimming pools
  • 6 jacuzzis
  • Wireless Internet.
  • Cable TV
  • Refrigerators
  • Tub with thermal mineral water
  • Free acces to the waterpark