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Many of Lake Chapala activities tend to lean towards the creative –

  • Art
  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Yoga

...or enjoying the natural environment of the flora & fauna. Live music is also a feature of many nights at local restaurants. And of course, a pleasant time can be spent meandering amongst the village shops. Town art galleries or events also inspire, while a yoga studio provides classes and other teachers offer private sessions. Massage and homeopathic healing possibilities also abound, while for those of you looking for relaxation, it is hard to beat lying out at the lake or beside your villa’s pool.  


More physical activities available within Lake Chapala are:

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Horse riding
  • Fishing
  • Swimming 





Just outside Lake Chapala Mexico, a wider range of activities may be enjoyed such as:

  • Kayaking
  • Mountain biking
  • Long hikes
  • Zip-lining
  • Four-wheeling



There are also many nearby locations that could provide fun and interesting day trips, with each destination adding its own version of adventure to add to your Lake Chapala vacation. Popular destinations are:


    Guadalahara. Telaquepaque, Tequila, San Luis Soyatlan and Guachimontones.