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Birds of Lake Chapala

Lake Chapala is the largest body of fresh water in Mexico so consequently there is a large variety of aquatic bird life in the area.  Lake Chapala ia also on the flight path of many bird species that migrate the the area from the north to spend winter here. 

There is a very active birdwatching community in Lake Chapala.  Two of the most noted birders here are John and Rosemary Keeling.  You can reach them at  Here are some notes from a recent expeditin in the area: 

91 Species Seen Last Month

Interesting recent sightings include Blue-black Grassquit and Fulvous Whistling Duck at Cajititlan marsh, and White-tailed Kite at Cajititlan and also at the dike at the east end of the lake. During the month we have heard Northern Bobwhites calling in a variety of locations.

Late in the month Stan and Darnelle Dunn saw Lesser Yellowlegs and an early migrating Spotted Sandpiper at San Nicolas, while John and Rosemary saw a Lucifer Hummingbird in the scrub near the International School (see photo). These hummingbirds like arid scrub areas and are permanent residents here and across the central transvolcanic range.

The Monk Parakeet communal nest in a palm tree in downtown Ajijic came down in a storm. These birds will have to learn to build their large nests in a more secure manner. The five Red-Lored Parrots (also feral escapees) are rumored to be seen near the San Antonio Tlayacapan plaza in the late afternoons.