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Lake Chapala real estate information page


Beginning with its mid-century turn from unaccessible and underdeveloped pueblito to special it's present condition, in the 1970's, Lake Chapala's real estate started on a path to development that is only now gaining real momentum. Increasing world-wide awarenes of the ideal climate here caused the local real estate market to become quite active recently while the area still maintains a relatively traditional and tranquil character.

As real estate prices shot up in quickly developing spots like Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, or Punta de Mita, for example, more foreigners or developers looking to buy property became attracted to relatively untouched Lake Chapala. The rising popularity of this area as a destination, along with rising prices in other locations, coincided with the generation of "baby boomers" reaching retirement age. The trend that caught on as a result of these factors was a growing show of interest in purchasing and constructing property in Lake Chapala either as investment rental property, second home, or permanent residence. Thus Lake Chapala has in recent years developed not as a resort destination like Puerto Vallarta, but rather as an authentic Mexican town with a surprising abundance of tucked-away vacation villas and estates cropping up at its edges, as well as fine galleries and restaurants springing up to cater to the diverse population's needs.  The Lake Chapala area has consequently attracted one of the largest ex-pat communities in all of Mexico.

What all these factors point to is the fact that real estate values in Lake Chapala will only be on the rise, and the safety of any investment is with each year more steadfast. As the Lake Chapala area's image is increasingly cultivated as a year-round ex-pat haven, the area will inevitably be benefitting from growing press and attention paid to the region--not to mention by an increase in visitors. Yet, Lake Chapala will remain a unique destination and therefore a unique investment--whether it be for family enjoyment or business opportunity--where hopefully a more "sustainable" type of development will occur towards the preservation of Lake Chapala's particular natural and cultural beauty.

Future prices of  real estate:  With the popularity of the village and limited amount of land, it is doubtful that prices will ever decline.  Ask anyone in town and they will tell you they are “glad we bought when we did.”  People will be saying the same thing in 2, 5, 10, and 20 years from now!

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